Shingles is caused by the same virus that Shinglescauses chickenpox. After As you get older, or if you have an illness or stress that weakens your immune system, the virus may reappear in the form of shingles. The symptoms of shingles include:

  • Pain or a bruised feeling — usually on one side of your face or body — often along with a fever, chills, headache, or upset stomach
  • Tingling, itching, or prickling skin and an inflamed, red skin rash several days later
  • A group or long strip of small, fluid-filled blisters
  • Deep burning, searing, aching, or stabbing pain, which may occur once in a while, or last a long time

If you’re over age 60, the shingles vaccine may help you avoid getting shingles. And if you’ve had shingles, the shingles vaccine may help prevent a recurrence. Talk to your doctor about whether or not the shingles vaccine is right for you.