Immunizations for Children

What You Should Know About Childhood Immunizations

Though we’re fortunate to no longer have CDC_immunization_schedulemajor outbreaks of polio or measles here in the United States, these diseases – and others – still exist in some areas of the world. No matter how far away you live from the source, all it takes to contract such a disease is exposure to one traveler or imported good.

Childhood immunizations can prevent these serious illnesses and may even save your child’s life. It is important to note that there is no research to support claims that immunizations pose a risk to your child’s health. Currently, there are 14 childhood diseases that can be prevented through routine vaccines. If you haven’t already started the vaccination process, ask your child’s physician about catching up.

You can find current childhood immunization guidelines and schedules by going to Or, call our Family Medicine clinics and we can help answer your questions.